Thursday, 28 July 2016

Revolution Flawless Palette

Revolution have been mentioned on the blog before here. Since then, they have continued to grow. Admittedly, as they grew I fell by the wayside for a time. As happens with makeup, my products rotated and for some reason Revolution was somewhat forgotten. That was, until, I stepped in the very shiny Superdrug on Argyle Street one (very expensive) lunch hour. 

For a start, when did that store get so pretty? I may have missed the memo but it has had a complete over-haul and the makeup aisle in particular is so clean, tidy and beautiful. Of course my purse was going to end up a lot lighter. So, upon perusing the makeup stands I came to face Revolution, at which point I remembered how much I liked the products that I had used before and decided to grab a few more items to use. My favourite being the Flawless Eye Palette. If you know me, you know that I find it very difficult to resist a neutral eye palette. I love that they suit any eye colour, skin colour, hair colour and outfit. It is such an easy and pretty much fail-safe option. You never look back at old photographs and say 'What was I thinking with that NATURAL eye makeup?!'.

To the palette. Priced at £8 for 32 shades it is a steal. The colours are well pigmented and not too chalky as you find with some budget eye shadows. What I really love about this palette is the spectrum of colours that you get. With a great mix of cool-tones, warm-tones, shimmer and matte shades you have everything that you need to create endless looks. I have also dampened an eyeliner brush and used the black shade as a liner. You do have a small selection of more daring colours, such as a navy blue and burgundy which make this a perfect travel palette. It is slim and compact considering the number of shadows that you have in the palette and there is a huge mirror. You could easily carry this in your hand luggage and not have to pack any more eye shadow. For a holiday, this has everything that you would need.  

Have you tried this palette yet? What do you think?

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