Thursday, 12 March 2015

The 10 Item Wardrobe Part 2

You may remember that last week I posted about the 10 Item Wardrobe mindset here. I did say in that post that I was about to sift through my clothing to dramatically decrease the level of stuff that was, well, stuffed in my drawers! After finishing the post I headed to my bedroom and emptied the contents of my drawers out and went through everything meticulously. 

After lifting everything out, I put it into piles on my bed to then see exactly how many of different items I had. 

Starting from the top left and working across the way we have; cardigans and jackets, jumpers, jeans, shirts and t-shirts, blouses and dressy tops, skirts, trousers, work out gear, and two piles of dresses. 

While taking each item out, I was looking at the colour, shape and checking everything over for any signs of wear as well as thinking about how often I actually wear it and if I did genuinely like it or not (as you probably know, I love a charity shop bargain so there were a few questionable pieces in there!). So once everything was out, it was time to be very critical as to what was going back in again. Now what has gone back in does amount to more than 10 items, however since I am just starting out, I am going to work my wardrobe as it is for a month and see what I would need as 'extra' items to go along with my capsule pieces and to see how my items work together and what I wear as well as don't wear. So here is the list of everything which has gone back into my drawers.

So, in total for day to day wear (including the 'extra's' even though I'm not entirely sure as to what those are yet!) I have 33 items. I haven't included workout clothes or going out dresses in this list, however I have only left 3 dresses in my drawer for now and put the rest in a storage chest as they aren't the best for this time of year. It is a dramatic decrease from what I did have and there is a black bag waiting to be donated to charity as well as a few items which have been put away into a storage chest as I know that I won't wear it anytime soon but will do in the future. 

I have tried my best to keep the colour palette neutral (to be honest I only had a few items which are bright anyway) I always gravitate towards black, navy and camel! I have been quite happy this first week, I do have a uniform for work so I tend to change into jeans and a jumper when I get home each day anyway. the real test is going to be neck week while I am off work and I'll be out and about all week! 

So far, I am enjoying a reduced wardrobe. It has been a long time since my drawers have closed properly (I'm sure you all know that struggle!) and I can see everything that I have available easily and quickly. I did actually really enjoy going through everything too and felt great getting rid of so much! Keep tuned for another update next week!


  1. I really need to do this, but it's so difficult - especially as I have a wardrobe at my parents that's still pretty much full (I go back two weekends a month) and my wardrobe here is pretty stuffed too! Determined to sort it all this summer! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. hi, just found your blog through the Daily Connoisseur - funny you landed on 33 items! Have you heard of Project 333 - it's a minimalism movement/guide/project. Definitely worth looking into if you're also interested in Jennifer's 10 item wardrobe

    1. I haven't come across Project 333 however I am off to investigate now! Thanks for the tip :)


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