Friday, 29 July 2016

Inika Pure Primer

The trend for natural and organic beauty seems to be gaining momentum. More and more niche brands are appearing and are trying to compete with the mainstream beauty industry. While I tend to admire the notion, I do feel that sometimes this type of brand don't quite compete. I decided to buy a starter kit from the brand Inika to give some of their products a try (I bought this kit). After using the trial sizes I ended up purchasing a few full sizes.

The Pure Primer was a product which I was pleasantly surprised with. The presumptuous side of me was expecting something with the texture and consistency of aloe vera gel. In fact, this primer is a velvety smooth balm which leaves the the perfect canvas for your foundation. It blends into the skin beautifully and I felt that my skin texture looked more refined and even before application of any other product. 

This primer is also enriched with hyaluronic acid which  helps the skin to retain moisture and drip feeds the skin throughout the day. I do notice when using this primer that my skin looks more plump and hydrated, so the hyaluronic acid is obviously doing it's job well. Also in the mix are a variety of different essential oils all designed to calm irritated skin and provide nourishment and protection.

All in, this is a very effective primer, I can't say I see a difference in wear when compared to other primers, however it is very hydrating and soothes the skin. If you are wanting to branch out into more natural makeup then this is a great primer to add to your makeup bag!

Have you tried Inika products yet? Is there anything that you would recommend? 

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