Saturday, 30 July 2016

July 2016 Favourites

My favourites are looking pretty in pink this month! I promise that it wasn't intentional! I have decided to add a monthly favourites feature to the blog. As I am sharing things which I love and recommend I thought that this would be a worthwhile addition as I don't review everything that I use on a daily basis. I wouldn't have enough time to write and use everything! So in the favourites you may see some products which I have already mentioned or you might see full reviews creeping up at a later date. This is the quick fire round of what I have been reaching for this month. 

Soap and Glory Rich & Foamous Body Wash
As far as cheap bath and body products go, I think that good old Soap and Glory are hard to beat. This body wash smells amazing. It is the same, nutty, sweet and utterly edible fragrance as my favourite ever body scrub (Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub). Very moisturising, lathers beautifully and makes me want to eat Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bars. Yum. 

I have been using this as my first cleanse and my morning cleanse. It removes my makeup well and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed. This has a very potent rose fragrance, which I love but if you are not big on the scent of roses then it might pose a problem for you. It smells quite old fashioned in a way in which I find to be quite charming. 

I rediscovered this product when clearing out my beauty drawer a few weeks ago. I had a supersize which I used up completely at around Christmastime and I forgot that I had a couple of 75ml tubes lurking about. I use this as a once weekly treatment, pre-shampoo on dry hair. It gives the hair a great shine and helps to combat split ends and breakage. If it was good enough for Audrey Hepburn, then it's good enough for me. 

A beautiful dusty pink blusher which looks very natural on blonde, fair skin. A very slight iridescence which gives the skin a subtle glow as well as colour. Formula-wise this is a very smooth, velvety powder which applies evenly and builds up with ease. 

This is a lightweight, non-sticky serum which is designed to, over time, improve the skin texture, tone and pore size. While I haven't noticed a dramatic difference, I do like the instant blurring effect that this has on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling very comfortable and smooth before moisturiser. 

This is a very comforting tinted lip balm which reacts with your own lips to give a natural pink flush. It's perfect for 'no makeup, makeup' days as it gives you the polish of a colour without looking overdone. It has an SPF10 which I think is lacking in a lot of lip products so it is one that I like to use in the sun too. 

So that's it for my favourites for July 2016! What have you been loving this last month?

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