Sunday, 17 July 2016

Lush Oxford Street Exclusive - Lovely Blusher

I have written about my love for Lush makeup products in the past (see here). While I love Lush skincare and body products I have always thought that their makeup range was pretty under-rated. With a great liquid lipstick formula with a large colour choice, skin tints and great cream eyeshadows. Yet, I have always willed them to extend their range into non liquid/cream products. Enter Oxford Street. 

For those of you who don't know, while Lush always has that fun, sweetie-shop vibe to it, their Oxford Street flagship store is most definitely the chocolate factory to the sweetie-shop. Admittedly, if you are not a 'Lushie' the store may be overwhelming, but if you know your way around a Lush store then you'll want to pay them (and their 3 floors) a visit. 

With a large number of products which are exclusive to the Oxford Street store mixed in with the longstanding favourites it is difficult to go in and not fill a basket. I knew exactly what I was heading in for because Lush have a whole makeup range exclusive to the store and it is all in either solid or powdered form! 

One of my favourite purchases was the powder blusher in the shade 'Lovely'. You get 15g of product (I don't remember the price, I think it was around £10?) which is suitable for vegans as Lush are trying to create more vegan-friendly options across their product range.

The colour is a great rose-toned pink for paler or cooler skin tones. To use it, I like to tip a little product into the inside of the lid (where it states that the packaging is 100% recycled) and swirl a blusher brush to pick up product. Before applying to the cheeks I tap off the excess as the product is quite strong in pigment so I like to start small and build to my desired colour. You can always add more, but removing too much is difficult!

I so hope that the extended makeup range does well in the Oxford Street store for them to then roll it out across the UK. I love the blusher and the solid lipsticks are spot on (keep an eye, I'll be posting those soon!).

Have you tried Lush makeup? What did you think? 


  1. I've always wanted to try the Lush Makeup, so I am glad you had a positive outlook on this product!! It does look scarily pigmented though!! x

  2. It is bright, but it is very wearable as long as you build it up slowly 😊


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