Saturday, 16 July 2016

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

We always need products in our stash that are 'in case of emergency' products. You know the drill - it's a week before your friends wedding and your skin decides to misbehave. Perhaps you are a bit stressed and your skin is looking really dull and someone asks you to dinner tomorrow night. We all have those situations and we need a quick fix to make us look and feel better. Alpha-H Liquid Gold will sort your skin issues out. It will reduce blackheads, smooth and resurface the skin texture and will help to prevent breakouts.

With a toner-like consistency it is easy to be skeptical as to whether this would work or not. How could something so thin have such an impact on the skin when used alone? The answer - glycolic acid. There are a select few ingredients that I get excited about in skincare, glycolic acid is most certainly one of them. Working to weaken to bonds between the lipids (oils) and dead skin cells on the skins surface it helps to resurface and give better texture to the skin. In doing this it can also reduce the appearance of blackheads by working to eliminate the dead skin cells and oxidized oils resting in the pores. While there is not a product which will totally clear blackheads (I wish!) a good glycolic acid product will reduce the appearance when used properly. It really packs a punch, which is why it is my preferred way to exfoliate as I find it a lot more comfortable than a physical scrub on my face and neck.

So, what makes Alpha-H Liquid Gold different to any other glycolic acid exfoliator? Well, the other ingredients. The stand out ingredients to me are glycerin and hydrolyzed silk. Glycerin is widely known for having smoothing and hydrating properties while hydrolyzed silk does a similar job. Hydrolyzed silk has a very minimal molecular weight and so penetrates deeper into the skin to work on hydration from there. The addition of these hydrating ingredients allow for Liquid Gold to be used alone as an intense treatment. While you can layer a hydrating night cream over the top that will slow the process of the exfoliation. I was a bit concerned at first that my skin would be too dry without a cream and so the first few times I used the product I applied my normal night cream. I did see a difference the following morning but nothing like the difference when I plucked up the courage to use it alone.

To use the product you simply soak a cotton pad with Liquid Gold and then apply it to a cleansed skin  (avoid the eye area) before bed as this is a night time treatment. Allow it to soak in, you may feel your skin tighten slightly as it absorbs but after a few minutes my skin feels comfortable. You know your skin better than anyone, so if it feels too uncomfortable at first then apply a little cream. You will find what works for you. The following morning just go about your usual skincare routine. As with all exfoliating products make sure that you use appropriate SPF after use (if you don'y use them daily, that is!) as your skin is much more susceptible to damage.

This is perfect when you know that you have an event coming up and want to get your skin in top condition, or as mentioned at the top of the post when your skin misbehaves. I certainly plan on keeping a bottle of this in my skincare drawer in case of emergency and to use more frequently in the lead up to my wedding next year.

I have the Try Me 50ml size.

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