Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thea Skincare*

A few weeks ago a lovely little package from Thea Skincare arrived through my letterbox, I eagerly opened it up to find three products to trial along with a lovely letter explaining the background of the company, which you can find out all about on Thea's website. In a nutshell, Thea is all about organically enriched skincare, natural ingredients found in Africa and Asia are put together to make beautiful products which are a dream to use. 

In my little package I had Super Nourish Nutrition Face Creme, Super Nourish Moisture Rich Facial Cleaner and Super Nourish Face Exfoliant.

I can honestly say that all three products are beautiful. They feel very luxurious and are gentle on the skin. The face creme was lightweight yet still felt nourishing on the skin, making the skin feel very comfortable in these colder months. It also absorbed quickly which meant that applying makeup afterwards was no issue and left a lovely radiance to the skin. The cleanser was great for keeping the skin feeling hydrated, none of that 'I NEED moisturiser on my face' feeling the second you have finished rinsing the product off. My favourite of the trio however, was the exfoliator. It had a satisfying amount of scrub to it without being overly scratchy. Like the other products it left the skin feeling comfortable yet it still did a good job and removing the dead skin from the face.

All in, I was very impressed with Thea. If you are on the market for some new skincare I would definitely check the website out and give a few products a go - you'll love them!

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  1. Whoa!! that's what I was searching for, what a stuff! I treat my body hydrate with Sakare's body lotions.


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