Friday, 26 September 2014

Vanilla Scents

I love a sweet scented perfume. While my ultimate favourite is Jimmy Choo EDP I don't like to wear it as an everyday fragrance. Daft this may sound to you, but I don't really like wearing a 'good' perfume for mundane things, much like days where your hair looks amazing and you have no plans, it seems like a bit of a waste to me. So rather than wearing my more expensive perfume, I look for similarly sweet scents for days where I am working or popping to the shops. 

I first tried The Body Shop's Madagascan Vanilla Flower  about 3 (I think!) years ago and this is now my 5th bottle. Yeah, I quite like this one! This one is my favourite for everyday wear. It is very sweet and smells very warm and welcoming. It is kind of like coming in out of the cold to a warm duvet and a cupcake. It just makes you relax and feel calm. This is a very sweet scent so if you are the type of person who struggles with overly sweet fragrances then I would definitely steer clear of this one. 

I picked up the solid version of Lush's Vanillary before going on holiday to take as my perfume while travelling as I could throw it in my hand luggage and not worry about it using up liquid allowance and I didn't spend the entire flight worrying that glass bottles had exploded in my case in the hold (yes, I am that person). The addition of jasmine to this fragrance does make it quite different from The Body Shop's scent. It gives it a little more complexity which is nice, however I find that I don't get the same satisfaction from this scent. After coming home from holiday this has, I am afraid to say, been demoted to a hair butter. Yes, a hair butter. If you warm some of the product up between your finger tips and rub it into the ends of your hair is works brilliantly at smoothing the ends and does give your hair a nice scent too. It just isn't as nice as Madagascan Vanilla Flower.

All in all, as far as my budget vanilla scents go, The Body Shop are the outright winners. While Vanillary is a good contender for Lush it just doesn't have that same comforting effect on me. 

Which of these two is your favourite?  

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