Saturday, 8 November 2014


I recently picked up a few pieces from the French skincare brand Caudalie to give them a try. A quick read over the brands website shows that they are just as charming as their products look on the shelf in Space NK. Originating from a vineyard (how French could the brand get?) they use extracts from grapes and vines in their products which are patented to Caudalie, so you won't find the same techniques in any other products.

I decided to try Vinosource Moisture Recovery CreamBeauty Elixir and Lip Conditioner and I have to say I adore all three. I have been using Vinosource as my night cream as it is intensely hydrating and when I wake up having used this my skin feels so smooth and comfortable. It really does feel like the skin has been repairing itself overnight. I think that this would also work well as an SOS night-time treatment for skin which has become very dehydrated due to the weather and central heating causing loss of moisture.
The Beauty Elixir is amazing. I have so many facial mists and makeup setting sprays which are okay but this totally blew me away. The first thing that hits you is the scent, the first smell I get is peppermint and when it starts to settle I then get hints of citrus and rosemary. It is an instant pick me up for the skin and the senses. It also perks the appearance of tired skin up and adds moisture to lack luster skin.  I know that this will definitely be a re-purchased product. Possibly forever. Finally the Lip Conditioner, this is a brilliant lip balm. It doesn't leave that white-ish tinge to the lips, you can take it over the lip line and it really smooths and protects those lips. I like to have this in my handbag while I'm out so that I can slap loads on before braving the Scottish wind (seriously, it has been freezing up here this week!). All in, I think that I may be a Caudalie convert and cannot wait to try more from their product range.

Have you tried Caudalie yet? What products do you love?


  1. Yes I absolutely love love love Caudalie! The packaging, everything is on point! Just curious to know what time of day you use the Elixir - before of after applying makeup?
    Sinéad xo

    1. It depends on how my skin looks and feels, if I look a little dull after cleansing my face then I'll use it before moisturiser. Otherwise I use it on top of my makeup to freshen it up :) x

  2. I wasn't sure about the mist, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick then I sprayed the tester and was converted - it is so lovely! I really need to pick up my one soon :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love it! It smells so amazing and it really does work :) x


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