Sunday, 11 January 2015

Laura Geller Spackle

If you cast your mind back earlier this year, you may recall reading this post about Laura Geller's Balance'n'Brighten. In short, I love the stuff. I have a growing collection of products from the Laura Geller range and it is also available on as well as QVC now, hurrah!

A favourite of mine from the range is Spackle (the American name for Polyfiller!). This under makeup primer comes in different varieties, as you can see I have a selection of three. Two tinted and one protective. With the name, I expected this primer to be thick and quite heavy of the skin - I was so wrong. It is a lightweight liquid which blends into the skin so easily leaving a lovely, smooth base for the rest of your makeup.

The tinted Spackle is lovely, 'Bronze' is perfect for when you need a lift under your makeup. It doesn't make you look like you have a load of fake tan under your foundation but helps to give you a slight sun-kissed glow. I'm thinking that this shade teamed with some Bronze'n'Brighten will be a brilliant duo in the summer months when you don't want to wear much in the way of makeup.
'Champagne' gives you more of an 'inner-glow' effect, making the skin look more radiant than sun-kissed. I have mixed this one into liquid foundations to give more of a dewy finish which works brilliantly and of course using it under Balance'n'Brighten makes for beautiful looking skin.
The third variation of Spackle in my collection is the protective broad spectrum SPF 30. I actually got this one while I was in Florida and used it as my primer when I was wearing makeup during the day (the more SPF the better in my book) this one has no tint to it, however it works the same to even out the skin and holds makeup in place all day with that added benefit of protecting you from the sun.

Have you tried Spackle yet? Which one do you love?

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