Sunday, 7 September 2014

Radiant Skin

Radiance is something which I think it is safe to say every woman wants. It makes you look like you just have amazing skin which requires no work to maintain. Now we all know that this is not the case, amazing skin requires work and let's face it, not many people can achieve the totally flawless, radiant skin. Most of us require help from a few clever products. 

After applying my moisturiser (with an SPF, remember, I lecture on sun protection....evidence) I apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to use as a brightening primer and then immediately apply a thin layer of Rimmel Wake Me Up, if my skin is looking pretty clear then I will mix in a splodge of Revlon Skinlights in Bare Light to lighten the coverage and give an extra hint of luminescence to the skin. If my dark circles are out to play (who am I kidding, they always are!) I take a few dots of Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer  under my eyes to bounce the light off the darker tones of my skin.  Then to set my base I take my holy grail Bourjois Java Rice Powder, mentioned on Bonjour Emily too many times to mention, this is the ultimate in powders. I take a fluffy brush and give it a quick sweep across my face to set my makeup and give a little extra hint of radiance. Finally when I am going for a light, radiant looking base I like to use a cream blush as it looks lighter on the skin and generally looks more natural than a powder. I like Bourjois Cream Blush Sun in 05 Pink Sunwear, it is the perfect hybrid of bronze, pink and coral for my pale skin. 

The key to radiant looking skin is having a light base with light-reflecting particles in. This combination doesn't make you look like Edward Cullen in the sunshine, so you're safe, don't worry. Each product is light on the skin and allows your own skin to shine through but gives it a little extra help. Of course, the two best secrets to radiant skin are to drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Both of which I can be a bit guilty of neglecting, however I do try my best!

What are your radiance boosting tips?

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  1. I really like the look of the skin lights! Sounds like a nice light way to brighten up the skin. Love love love the wake me up range and the blushes - they are so easy to use! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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