Thursday, 11 September 2014

French Inspiration

As you may already know, I have a degree in French and I am a self-confessed Francophile (if you didn't already know this, now you know the reasoning behind my blog name!). I adore the language, the culture, the food - you get the idea. I have an extensive collection of French films, I read more about French current affairs than the current affairs here in the UK - lets face it, I just want to be French.

As much as I love the rockabilly and pin-up look, I find myself taking my day to day style and beauty inspiration from the French. On the whole, French women are known for their effortless beauty and for being totally chic. It seems that just about every woman from anywhere else in the world looks at French women with a hint of jealous green in their eyes. 

One of my ultimate women of inspiration when it comes to style is Brigitte Bardot. She seems to connect my love for the pin-up look with my adoration for French style perfectly. Always looking like a cheeky pin-up girl but never over the top or over-done. The go to girl for inspiration of a laid back beehive and feline eyeliner.

Audrey Tautou is the definition of the French gamine (most certainly emphasised by her kooky roles in some of my favourite French films - i.e. Amélie). She has the sweet, simple style which reflects the approach that most French women take - simple, quality and classy. If I could have my skin looking like Audrey's every day then I would, she has beautiful, clear skin which means that she doesn't need to wear much makeup and pretty much always looks fresh.

Carla Bruni may not be 100% French, but is of Italian descent and was raised in France and so has adopted the Frenchwoman style which works for her so perfectly. As a model, she was photographed wearing every French classic imaginable. She always presents herself immaculately and always looks effortlessly feminine. You can;t get more French than that, can you?

Who do you look to for French style inspiration?


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