Monday, 11 August 2014

Lush Toner Water

I love Lush. I spoke about their amazing makeup range last week here but my product collection does not stop there. I have been using both the Tea Tree Water and Eau Roma Water for a couple of months and love them both. I'll reach for one or the other after cleansing my skin before applying moisturiser in the morning or evening and which one I choose is purely dependent on how my skin is, or my mood. 

The Tea Tree Water is so refreshing, this was the one which I chose to take on holiday with me as I used it to spritz my face on the flight and it was so calming and soothing at the end of a long and hot day spent at theme parks. Aside from the refreshment this product is great for the fact it is highly anti-bacterial making it great for fighting and preventing breakouts. 

As for Eau Roma Water, I reach for this when my mood needs lifted or calmed. This has such a comforting scent and helps me to relax. To be fair, this does mean that the product is doing it's job as it is described as an aromatherapy water as well as a toner water. The rose water and lavender in this water work together to combat redness, soften and hydrate the skin. This product is so gentle on the skin, unlike some other toners that sting as you apply them. You know that your skin is loving this toner.

I like to have the choice after cleansing as to whether I need Tee Tree or Eau Roma, they both work so well at what they are designed for and having the choice means that you can combat whatever your skin worries are day by day. 

Do you prefer one of these products over the other?    

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