Saturday, 5 July 2014

What's In My Suitcase? - Clothes

Part one of 'What's in My Suitcase' was posted here yesterday, have a look to see what I packed beauty-wise!

I'm nosey and love to read this kind of post so I thought I would document and share with you what I have packed into my suitcase or two weeks in Florida. Hopefully, by the time this post reaches the internet I should be somewhere over the Atlantic, probably more excited than any of the children on board the plane. Hey, do you blame me? Sephora will be Disneyland for me!

I have a tendency to over pack for everything - I hate feeling unorganised and under prepared, but I kept my sensible cap on when packing my case this time - I have stuck to a colour scheme so that I can mix and match pretty much everything I have taken with me. I have 25 items to create outfits with including what I am wearing travelling, my swimwear, shoes and bags.

I'm not going to lie, I feel pretty chuffed with myself that I have managed to keep to a colour theme and kept the number of items down so much. I just had to keep reminding myself that we have a washing machine in the villa, so I can wash my clothes while I am away. 

As you can see my colour scheme is navy, black and leopard print. What else? Don't worry, it'll be brightened up by red or fuchsia lipstick. Pretty much any top can go with any bottoms I have packed, likewise with my shoes. I will be able to dress an outfit up (say the navy polka dot dress) with the leopard print wedges for dinner out but could dress it down too with the black sandals and the woven bag for an afternoon shopping. Easy peasy.

I've also picked some versatile items, like my kimonos (the top two in the right hand corner) they will be used to cover up when we hit the parks, they're light-weight, cover my shoulders and can easily be wrapped up in a ball and thrown into a bag and won't get creased. They can also be worn with my skirts or dress when we're out and about in the evenings to cover up then as well. The long black tube is excellent, this can be worn as a maxi (or midi) skirt or a midi strapless dress. definitely a great multi purpose garment to take away!

When it comes to accessories I really struggled to narrow it down. For jewellery, I opted for a simple necklace, 2 bigger ones, a bundle of beaded bracelets, a dressy gold cuff, my watch and an array of earrings. I also packed a navy headscarf for the days I can't be bothered doing my hair, a navy hair flower to jazz my outfits up, my two floppy sun hats and my two pairs of sunglasses (I always lose sunglasses, hence I'm taking two pairs with me!). Other than that I have my jammies and of course black, white and neutral undies. Not very exciting, but essential!

Are you like me and are guilty of over packing or are you one of these amazing people that can pack a months worth of stuff into a carry on bag?

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