Friday, 4 July 2014

What's in My Suitcase? - Beauty

Technically speaking this is what is in my hand luggage. But other than my Lush Ultrabland cleanser, Buffy Shower bar and Happy Hippy shower gel there isn't much other than copious amounts of sunscreen in my suitcase.

I've split my beauty products into two categories for the flight, liquid and non-liquid. Just to make it easier for packing and for getting through security.

The non-liquid bag is housing all of my dry makeup. I opted for the classic Urban Decay Naked Palette, you can't really go wrong with this one, it has every shade I will need while I am away. I also packed two of my Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Pencils in Beige Matte and Bad Bronze to use as a base for my shadows. Another Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil made it's way in there in the form of the nude eye liner - I feel this will be used towards the end of the flight so that I don't look quite so tired with my bloodshot eyes!

As for my face, I lifted Laura Geller Balance'n'Brighten (full review here), and the Laura Geller Bronze'n'Brighten, both of these are light on the skin and are perfect for the 'no-makeup' look. I have also packed my new favourite, Lush Emotional Brilliance Powder (Lush post coming soon, don't worry!) and The Body Shop's Shimmer Waves in Blush. I wasn't going to take a highlighter initially, however my obsession for Illamasqua's Cream Highlighter in Gleam   got the better of me and so it made it's way in there too!

I have packed two solid lipsticks, both from Illamasqua in the shades Liable and Flare. Both bright, summery shades and they last brilliantly. How could I refuse? 

This is where I had problems. Those plastic bags are so small and I wanted to take so much. If I'm honest I've managed to squeeze quite a bit in there anyway. Starting with makeup, I've got Lush Jackie Oates Colour Supplement, Liquid Lipstick in Ambition, Liquid Eyeliner in Control and Eyes Right Mascara. I also packed Maybelline Brow Drama Gel to tame my brows while we are away as mine can get quite unruly. Bourjois 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara as this is a great volume boosting mascara and is a brilliant waterproof formula. Seventeen Tattoo Me Liquid Liner - my absolute favourite liquid liner, ever. It doesn't budge, so it is perfect for hot weather. I'v also packed a new addition to my concealer collection in the form of Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer which you can expect a full review of very soon! I recently tried The Body Shop's Tea Tree Primer and really like it, it feels very refreshing on the skin and I have found it to keep my Balance'n'Brighten in place all day too.

Moving on to the skincare, I have a couple of the Lush Charity Pots to use on my hands while we fly to keep them nice and soft (I have antibacterial hand wipes which are very good but dry your hands out something terrible!). The Body Shop's Elderflower Eye Gel and Vitamin E Eye Cream - the gel is amazing for soothing sore and puffy eyes and the cream is brilliant for helping to banish dark circles. Finally we have the super-amazing Lush Tea Tree Toner which it really refreshing and feels brilliant on the skin, especially when it is followed up with Lush Enzymion moisturiser. Perfect.

The only extra that I seem to have forgotten to photograph was my Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar which is really hydrating and feels really luxurious on the skin and I fully intend to smother my face in it the second I can on the flight!

What are your in-flight beauty essentials?

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  1. I'm desperate to buy Gleam by Illamasqua! But I just bought a cream pigment from them not long ago so I'm making myself wait. With you on their lipsticks too - I take them everywhere. I haven't invested in the Scandaleyes pencils yet but if they're a good shadow base I may have to !

    Lovely post hun :) xxx

    Aisling |


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