Monday, 30 June 2014

Makeup Revolution - Round 2

My initial post about Makeup Revolution back in May was quite a hit. If you haven't read it, you can see it here. It's safe to say that Makeup Revolution have been quite a hit themselves too, I was so excited when I saw that they were releasing more new products and couldn't wait to get my order in. And then this happened...

The new Salvation eye palettes are incredible, they feel very luxurious and the compacts are very sturdy - not what I expected for £6 each. Not to mention that the colour payoff that you get from these shadows is totally amazing. They last all day with a primer underneath and don't crease or have that much fallout either which, again, I did not really expect for the price of these palettes.

Each palette has 18 different shadows which you can use to create so many different looks and effects all from the comfort of one palette (making these perfect for travelling or even for a weekend away!). Not to mention you have a massive mirror in these palettes making them brilliant for 'on the go' makeup or even if you'll be going to a festival or two over the summer - I'm thinking the 'Dia De Los Muertos' palette is perfect for a festival.

What You Waiting For? £6. So many pretty nudes. This is the palette for you if you like to wear more subtle looks by day but like a bit of smokiness in the evenings. There are lots of lovely highlighting shades in here as well as a few rose-gold tinged ones which seem to be everyone's favourites at the moment!

Girls of Film £6. This is the one to choose if you prefer a bit more drama than plain nudes. You have the nude base colours in there but the accent colours are deeper and a little more diva-esque. You can definitely create a beautiful dramatic eye look with this one - I'm loving 'Frenzy All Down Your Spine' and 'Smile Wider'. They are such beautiful colours. 

Welcome To The Pleasuredrome £6. This is most definitely the cheekiest of the palettes. The colours aren't too bright and acidic that they focus all of the attention to your eye but they put just enough emphasis on them to draw a little bit of extra attention. Using some of the nude shades with a pop of one o the brights like 'Sell It By The Hour' will give just enough to draw that extra attention.

Dia De Los Muertos £6. Not for the faint hearted. While you still have some good base colours in this one you can certainly jazz up any eye look with some of the acidic brights in here. I did mention that I think this would be the one that you would want to take to a music festival with you. You'll definitely stand out from th crowd with this one.

Run Boy Run £6. Another more neutral palette, this one has a bit more verity in the shades allowing you to create some different looks. 'Break Out From Society' is a gorgeous tone when blended in with some golds and nudes, it definitely gives an edge to a normal smokey nude eye look.

I also picked up the Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice £6. This is a brilliant little palette. The colours in this are perfect for me as I prefer more coral and apricot toned blushers over pinks and this one gives me pretty much any shade I could want in the one palette. The two highlighters in this are brilliant to as they have the same tones as the blushers and so work well and blend brilliantly with them all. 

Not one of the new releases, but I did pick up the Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in Disappear Until Tomorrow £4. This is a great little palette - it is smaller than the rest but it has every shade you could want for a gorgeous neutral smokey look as well as your brow powders making it the ultimate handbag palette for day to night looks. 

Have you tried any of the new palettes yet? Which if your favourite? 

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