Thursday, 1 May 2014

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You know when you go hunting through your makeup collection and go 'oooohhh, I forgot about this!' as you are raking through trying to find what you were looking for in the first place? I do that quite often. I have too much makeup, and I'm not even sorry about it, I love the stuff. 

I was hunting for my Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Liner in Nude to try and disguise this lovely eye infection that I have in both eyes before going to work on Saturday (I'm sporting beautifully red, bloodshot and inflamed eyes right now, and they are bloody itchy!). Nude liner is my 'go-to' product if I have any redness so a bit of this around my eyes and I look marginally better (if I can avoid rubbing my eyes all day!).

During my travels through the depths of my makeup case, however I came across a few forgotten gems that had fallen to the bottom. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow in And On Bronze  for example, this is an amazing base for a neutral smokey eye which I has totally forgotten about (I had forgotten about the six colours of this product that I have, actually. Like I said, too much makeup.) But these cream shadows are amoung the best I've used, the colour stays on and doesn't crease and they are very well pigmented (especially when compared to the Benefit equivalent). For £4.99 I remember why I bought a good few shades, and I do plan on hitting Superdrug in the morning (don't judge me!) to pick up a few others, they are fab as bases for shadow or as stand alone colour themselves, I'm very pleased I found these again!

MUA are one of my favourite budget brands I think that I have just about every palette that MUA have released and I love them all, sure the product isn't in the prettiest of packaging and the eye shadow is a little chalky in the pan, but for £4 a palette, who is complaining? The Undressed palette had fallen to the bottom of my stash and I was so pleased to come across it again. A complete dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palette (shade for shade) owning this made running out of the Urban Decay one that little more bearable. Urban Decay do eyeshadow extremely well. However I do struggle to justify paying £37 when you can get one which may not be as velvety smooth on application, but has pretty much the same colour payoff for £4.

Another little gem from MUA is the Conceal and Brighten Kit at £3.50 it is all you need for any unexpected spots, or to hide a night with little sleep. After finding this it has made it on to my shortlist of products I am taking on holiday with me (I am genuinely getting stressed about this, and we don't go away until July. I am far too attached to makeup). The two concealers in this kit are great, you have a peach based tone and a yellow one so that you have the two key colour correctors that you need. The highlighter is actually pretty nice too, it looks very dewy on the skin and I think that on holiday it will look quite pretty.

Cream blush is something I love one day and despise the next. It all depends on what kind of base I have on my skin. Bourjois Cream Blush in Healthy Glow is one that when I like cream blush, I really get on well with. This shade suits my skin tone well and the formula is very smooth and it blends really well.  I find it works best either under foundation or on top of a sheer tinted moisturiser to stop it removing your foundation and making you look exceptionally patchy.

I also found my EcoTools blending eye brush from this kit while digging through my box of makeup brushes. I forgot just how smooth it it and how well it works for applying your base shade and blending darker shade in. It is now in with my Real Techniques eye brushes that I use daily again. The whole kit is actually brilliant, EcoTools make their brushes really well and they last forever and a day. I have quite a large collection and use most of them regularly.

Have you tried any of these products? Or are you like me and forget about things that you have because you own too much makeup?

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