Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rediscovered - Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

Have you ever tried a product, used it all up and even though you enjoyed it at the time, never repurchased it? That is what happened to me with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Wash. Until a voucher for extra points when buying Soap & Glory body care came out with my receipt in Boots the other week I skipped around to the section of my local store that houses the brand. I haven't actually bought any bath and body products from Soap & Glory since Christmas as I treated myself to the big collection when it went half price and bought another two collections online in the half price sale - on Christmas Eve. Yes, I am that sad person that sat refreshing the Boots website waiting for the sale to go live. So it is safe to say I was pretty well stocked up on the stuff.

Back to Sugar Crush, after much deliberation as to what to get for my extra points I made my way back to the pay point with the Sugar Crush Body Wash and the Sugar Crush Body Scrub (don;t worry, I of course took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and picked up another bottle of Calm One, Calm All). I have totally fallen in love with Sugar Crush, I enjoyed it the first time but for some reason this time around it is a real hit with me. It is so fresh and zingy, perfect for the morning as the scent is so uplifting and really wakens you up. Of course you have the added luxury of the super thick and luscious Soap & Glory formula for body wash which feels ridiculously comforting. As for the scrub? It is one heck of a good scrub. With the same texture as my absolute favourite Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub you feel like your dead skin has been lifted with ease and you have that great satisfaction of an outstanding body scrub with loads of, well, scrubby bits.

I haven't yet tried the new Orangeasm range, as my local store won't be stocking it (boo, small stores!) however as from Monday I will be working in Glasgow city centre (hurrah!) so I will pick it up then and give it a go too!

Have you tried Sugar Crush? What is your favourite Soap & Glory product?

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