Thursday, 1 May 2014

Makeup Revolution

Have you heard? There is a Makeup Revolution. If you are an avid beauty blog follower, chances are you have read a lot about this brand already. Makeup Revolution's aim is to provide great, cruelty free, affordable products. And boy, do they deliver!

I ordered a mix of products to try out following the picture above I ordered -

Highlighter in Peach Lights (£3.00) - This is a really beautiful highlighter, the peach shade is perfect for my pale skin tone. It reminds me of the MUA Undress your skin in terms of shade, the difference it it feels a bit more creamy and the packaging feels a great deal more expensive. So all in, feels more luxurious than MUAs highlighter. Also, there are a couple of other shades if this peach isn't suited to your skin tone.

Cream Blusher in Rose Cream (£1.50) - I don't tend to get on well with cream blusher on the whole, but this is amazing. It has great pigment but blends like a dream, so it won't leave you looking clown-like. The texture is very smooth and it doesn't drag on the skin as you apply it. I have been using my fingers to apply this and have just dabbed it across my cheeks and it looks like a very natural flush. It stayed well all through the day yesterday too (including getting poured upon by the lovely Glaswegian sky).

The One Foundation in Shade 4 (£4.00) - I wasn't sure about which shade to choose when looking to order this foundation. After much deliberation I chose shade 4 in the hope that it would look alright when applied. It is a very thin consistency, but when buffed on with a good brush, it looks very good on it gives quite a sheer coverage with one coat but it builds so easily for more coverage and it doesn't make you feel clogged up and caked.

Amazing Care Lipstick #happylips in Love Red! (£3.00) - I have an addiction to lip products, you probably know that already. This is very nourishing on the lips and packs quite a colourful punch! The colour is so vibrant which surprised me as I expected the balm to tone the colour down (it doesn't bother me in the slightest).

Amazing Lipstick in Dare, Lady and Twist (£1.00 each) - Again, lipstick addict. OK, red lipstick addict. Highly pigmented, once again I have been wearing Twist all day today and my lips don't feel dry at all, but the colour has lasted very well. Each of the colours has great pay off when applied and based on the longevity of Twist today, have pretty great staying power too.

Eyeshadow Palettes in Iconic 3 and Romantic Smoked (£4.00 each) - I was surprised at the size of these, I was expecting pretty much the same as an MUA palette in terms of size, but these are about 1cm taller and 2cm longer. Both of the palettes that I ordered have beautiful colours and have great colour pay off which makes me very happy. I don't like to work at building colour on my eyes, I like a couple of swipes and done and that is what I get with these palettes.

All in, I am mighty impressed - well done Makeup Revolution! I'll be placing another order with you very soon!

Have you tried this brand yet? What do you think?


  1. Yay, now Im definitely going to buy the palettes I've had my eye on! Lovely post :) x

    1. They are fab! Thank you :) xx

  2. Those eye palettes look amazing! I may have to place an order. I can't believe how reasonably priced they are! xxx

    Aisling |

    1. The quality is really great for what you pay :) xx


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