Monday, 28 April 2014

Best Budget Mascara

Budget mascara can be a real hit or a miss. I have tried so many which promise amazing results and I am always left wanting something more. I've chosen the six budget mascara formulations which I find myself being the happiest with out of my (too large to mention) mascara collection. I decided nothing more than £10 is really what I deem to be 'budget friendly' so nothing is over £10 in this list.

First up I have Bourjois Volume Glam Ultra Curl (£7.99), this is amazing for creating a wide doe-eyed look. It is amazing for giving lashes curl and definition, I always think that this is the Audrey Hepburn of the mascara world, feminine and very pretty. This product is also great for staying-power, it lasts really well with no flaking or smudging under the eyes which is my biggest complaint with most mascara. 

Revlon Grow Luscious (£9.99) I really love this mascara. Given, it is not the best in terms of volume-boosting mascaras however on days where I just want some definition when I'm not doing a heavy eye-makeup look this is perfect. I always reach for this when I'm having a minimal makeup day as it helps to strengthen and grow your own lashes. It's a treatment as well as a mascara, and I have noticed that if I wear it a few days in a row my lashes do seem to be thicker and more resilient after being caked in lots of mascara and soaked in cleansing products.

This one is so new on the market that it isn't on the Avon website yet. Although, I've had Avon Aero Volume (£8.50) since February and was pleasantly surprised by it. Having just about every Avon mascara under the sun and finding that most of them are the same, this one stood out to me. It gives amazing length to the lashes but it also feels so lightweight on the lashes it is incredible. The first day I wore it, I actually forgot that I had eye makeup on and sat rubbing my eyes, not remembering until I looked in the mirror. Doing that does smudge it quite a bit so I wouldn't recommend it!

Soap and Glory, how I love you! Thick and Fast (£10.00) is  an old favourite of mine. It never lets me down. I always get thick, long looking lashes that last all day with no movement down my face. It also makes your lashes appear shiny and glossy which is brilliant for a glamorous look. This is one which I repurchase time and time again, I can always rely on this product doing what I want. My only gripe would be that I would love a water-proof formula of this one. Other than that, this product is as close to perfect as budget mascaras go. 

I've written about Seventeen Doll'd Up (£6.29) on the blog before. I was very surprised when I first bought this back when it was initially released, it is a very good product for the minimal cost.  It works very similarly to Bourjois' mascara on this list. It doesn't give as much length after two coats, but it comes pretty close. If you put on an extra coat or two you will be able to match the length given by Bourjois. It again gives the effect of wide, doe-eyed lashes which are very pretty and feminine. Definitely another keeper!

I always have two tubes of Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear (£1.99) in my makeup collection. One is for when I am going out with no makeup on as I have very blonde lashes and this darkens them slightly without looking like I have mascara on. Making me look that little bit more human! The second gets used as a brow gel, at £1.99 it does the trick and keeps my somewhat unruly brows in place.

Do you have a favourite budget mascara?  

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