Monday, 2 September 2013

Strawberry Rollers (and a sick day)

If you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen that I haven't been well today. A mixture of the cold and what appears to be a lovely chest infection made an appearance yesterday to remind me that it is no longer Summer. So I have been on the couch in my PJs watching films and reading my back issues of Vintage Life magazine (my favourite magazine - more on that in another post soon!) which arrived this morning with a little freebie from them too. Which was a lovely little surprise. 

What is it about being sick that makes you want to watch old cartoons?!

Anyway! On to today's post!

So I bought myself some strawberry curlers to try out after reading reviews on the wonderful web.  I read a real mixed bag of reviews, some people raving and others said that they were useless so I didn't really know what to expect. I bought mine from this seller on eBay. They did take around 2 weeks to arrive, but at £1.73 for 12 rollers and free P&P I wasn't all that bothered.

So far I have tried them out once, easy enough to put in but a little frustrating if you are like me and like your curlers tight against your head as they slip quite a bit. I put them in slightly damp hair after I applied some setting lotion which is what I normally do for my heated bending rollers. I bought myself 24 of these strawberry rollers as I have a lot of long, thick hair - I used all 24 of them which made putting my scarf over my hair before bed very challenging as it made my hair very, very big. After a small struggle, my head scarf went on and I went to bed. 
They were very comfortable to sleep in, especially if you are like me and are used to sleeping in rollers of some sort. The following morning was the part which the reviews that I had read mostly slated as hair seems to miraculously knot around these rollers very easily. Twenty of my rollers came out without a fight, very easily. The other four put up quite the fight. After a few minutes of teasing the knots I got them out without breaking any hair - I do think that because I somewhat expected this I was less angry and a little more prepared to spend some time de-tangling. 
The results were alright. Not spectacular, but not horrendous. The curls weren't as tight as I normally like but were still nice.
I didn't take any photographs of my first trial as I plan to try them again with a slightly different method in the hope that I get results that I really like - so look out for those!

Have you tried rollers like these? Am I missing a trick with them?

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