Friday, 13 September 2013

My Favourite Perfume

I rotate through seven different perfumes and I love them all equally. I go through phases of loving one in particular and then move on to another without much thought. I tend not to really like spending a great deal on perfume - two of the higher-end perfumes pictured above were gifts to me and I absolutely love them - I just struggle to justify paying £50+ on perfume for myself when I like Soap and Glory's Mist You Madly body spray just as much. 

So, going from left to right we start off with a scent from Next this one is Milan and admittedly this was a recent impulse purchase. I was in Next with my mum and we stopped to have a sniff at their fragrance range and I was pleasantly surprised by them all - but I liked this one best, it is fresh yet woody and wonderfully feminine. At £8 one can hardly complain. I like this so much that I am considering getting it in the reed diffuser to place in our living room. We shall see.

Next we go to the wonderful Dita Von Teese's original fragrance which is such a warm and inviting scent. A mixture of the pepper top notes, the heart of rose and base notes of sandalwood and musk make this such a comforting and gloriously womanly scent. It is made even more feminine by the puff which you use to spray the perfume. This is such a gorgeous scent, I really love it and I definitely do not grudge paying £19.99 a bottle for this - it is glorious.

The Body Shop's Lychee Blossom has unfortunately been discontinued it was reduced to (I believe) £5 per bottle when I purchased this. It is a light, fruity scent which I wear to work as it is not too over powering and keeps a fresh scent all day.

Another from the Body Shop, Madagascan Vanilla Flower is a gorgeous scent which is a warm, floral and sweet scent. This is my second bottle of this one and I like to wear it, again, to work as it is not over powering and lasts very well through the day. Another great price at £15 as well. You really cannot argue with it!

Onto the big guns now. Jimmy Choo's original fragrance was one where I heard it was by Jimmy Choo, saw the packaging and didn't even want to sniff it. I thought it would be horrible. However, when working in the perfume department in Boots, I got a whiff. Oh my, what I had been missing.It has fresh top notes, which are mixed with a heart of tiger orchid and a base of patchouli and toffee. It is wonderfully sweet and it is just divine. This is also a second bottle, however both bottles have been gifts. It is a bold £49 for this which is not a price tag that I justify paying for myself, however as a gift it has been a welcome addition to my fragrance collection.

Lolita Lempicka's self-titled fragrance is a beautiful mix of citrus top notes entwined with frankincense and jasmine with a base of violet wood. A beautifully wholesome scent which is the perfect balance of different notes which make this one which I find hard to place. It is definitive scent like any of the Theirry Muglar fragrances but it's understated sophistication is a particular draw for me. Everyone always asks which perfume I am wearing when I wear it. It is so beautiful and a small bottle is £24.50 which I find to be fairly reasonable or a higher-end perfume.

Last up was a recent gift from my mum. Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine  is a fabulously summery scent. With a mix of fruity top notes (guava, red current and mandarin) upon an array of floral notes at the heart and a woody base make this summer in a bottle as far as I am concerned. It is sweet but very fresh which I love in a summer scent. How much wear I will have as we get deeper into the colder months I am yet unsure, however I might use it when I need a bit of sunshine in my life in the midst of the Scottish winter!It currently has £15 off, making it £30 at Boots which I think is a reasonable price for this scent. Especially if you need a reminder of the summer.

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