Thursday, 12 September 2013

Top 5 - Mascara

Today I'm sharing my opinions on mascara. I buy new mascara almost as much as I do new concealers, I always think that this one will fix all of my problems and will work exactly as it promises. I should know better, though. They never really do everything that hey claim!

Here are my personal top 5 mascaras - that do mostly what they claim!

1. Bourjois' Volume Glam Ultra Curl  is one which I adore. It gives amazing curl to the lashes and also gives great length. As far as I am concerned the only thing which it doesn't bring is thickness to the lashes but I don't let that get to me much as I still love the length and curls that it gives (plus my lashes are naturally on the thick-side anyways so I don't really need much in that area for a day to day mascara). I tend to wear this one every day and the only reason it wasn't listed in My Everyday Face post was because I was between tubes and was using another at the time. This is the kind of mascara which I imagine Audrey Hepburn to have worn as it really does give that 'doe eyed' look to your eyes which I think is very feminine and extremely pretty. Thumbs up all around. 
You can get it here for £7.99.

2. Next up is Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast, which was mentioned in the recent My Everyday Face
post it is one of my go-to mascara for everyday wear. It gives great volume and coverage on the lashes with a couple of coats. It also lasts all day, it doesn't crumble under my eyes (which Benefit's They're Real! disappointingly did) and it doesn't disintegrate into nothingness by the end of the day or make your lids heavy due to the weight of the product when it is on. 
You can buy Thick and Fast mascara here for £10.

3. Doll'd Up by Seventeen is the mascara which I use when I am heading out without putting any make up on. Sounds completely stupid considering mascara is make up but it is the only thing I put on if I am nipping to Sainsbury's for a couple of things and don't plan on going out again later. I use this as it gives a light coverage and gives the lashes a little more length, I wear it in brown/black as I am very fair and without any other make up, black mascara looks very severe on me. It is very similar to the Bourjois offering (which is my absolute favourite) only it doesn't last all day but when I only use it for a quick it of cover on my very blonde lashes - I can cope with that!
You can buy Doll'd Up here for £6.29.    

4. Next is Seventeen's Falsifeye - this boasts a 'false lash effect' which as far as I have investigated in my mascara ventures I have never found one which lives up to this claim (not even Max Factor's offering which I gather a lot of people love). This one is no different. It does however give great volume to your lashes and it does lengthen them quite a bit - but you need to build this one up if you want to really lengthen your lashes. I use a few coats of this one if I am going without eyeliner as it gives my eyes good definition on its own. It lasts well all day and doesn't feel remotely heavy on the lashes. Also, this one is a brilliant price, I have one in black and a second in brown/black, I have also used and totally finished 3 tubes of this one before!
Falsifeye is available here for £6.49.

5. The last one is fairly new to the market. Rimmel London's Scanaleyes Retro Glam is one which I have been wearing almost every day for 2 weeks now in order to test it out and it has impressed. It gives a good curve to the lashes. Retro Glam is another which lasts all day without crumbling or fading away and is not particularly heavy on your eyelashes. 
Scandaleyes Retro Glam is available here for £6.99.

So that is my top 5 products in mascara - what do you think? Are there any that you prefer?

On a completely unrelated note, I know that I am way behind on this, but how good is Downton Abbey!? I bought myself series 1-3 in HMV on Tuesday and I am already half way through series 2! I have decided that I would like both Lady Mary's wardrobe and bedroom!

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