Friday, 26 July 2013

A love for old things.

Hello again!

So I mentioned briefly in my first post that I am a bit of a magnet for old things, I don't know about you but when it comes to shopping for clothes or home-wares, I always think twice about going to a high-street shop (in fact, I have to psych myself up to do so). With me this has really only been the case in the last two years or so, but something clicked in my head that made me think 'I don't want brand-spanking-just-out-the-factory-same-as-everyone-else-new!'. Over the two-ish years I would say that my wardrobe is now probably 70-80% charity shopped. I have never really been one to follow the crowd even as a child I never wanted to be the same as anybody else. So I started to go in to local charity shops for my clothes (the main street in my town is filled with them, so I always have a great selection too!) and I have never looked back. Sometimes I have to go into a high street clothing shop to get something, say underwear or some socks and tights (lovely!) and I always look around, disappointed by the rails upon rails of the same, there is something about the rails of different sized, patterned, coloured and types of items that I love and miss when I go into a high street store. 

I get a real buzz from trying my luck in charity shops, more often than not I buy things which I do not really need but I know that I will regret if I go home without. Even if it is an oversized piece, if it is a good price, I'll bring it home, chop bits off and see it up into something to fit me - the best bit? I never have that cringe when I go somewhere and see someone wearing the same dress or skirt as me, my chopped and restyled piece is unique. I don't just go in to pick up anything though, I have a few things which I keep my eye out for - square silk scarves (wear them on your head, tie them around a bag, get two, sew them together and make a lightweight top -or pillowcase- or you could of course, wear it as a scarf!), circle skirts, costume jewellery and the thing which I have yet to find is a great pair of nude sandals. 

If you don't often frequent charity shops it can be rather daunting and off putting that there isn't much in the way of order and structure (think Primark late on a Saturday afternoon) but when you get into it. You grow to love the rummaging and when you find a hidden gem - it is totally worth it. Trust me. 

I plan on sharing my charity shop finds with you from my planned trip next week and hopefully there will be a few things which I can transform for you! 

Do you use charity shops? Are you like me and have certain things which you look out for or do you just go for it?

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