Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lush Makeup

I adore Lush. I know so many people who say that the smells gives them a headache but if I am totally honest, I could spend all day, everyday in there inhaling that beautiful smell. I do use a large amount of products from Lush (in fact I have recently switched my skincare to pretty much all Lush products and my skin hasn't looked so good in a long time - keep an eye out for details in a post soon!) but I have particular love for a few of their makeup products.
You may have spied some of these in my What's in My Suitcase? post.

Starting out with the complexion products, I use Jackie Oates and Emotional Brilliance  almost every day now. With Jackie Oates I can build the coverage as high as I need and for days that I don't want or need much I mix it in with my moisturiser. Emotional Brilliance reminds me of Bourjois Java Rice Powder (see my review here). The powder is super-fine and blends into the skin with ease leaving a velvety soft texture with a hint of a glow - what more do you want?

As far as the eyes are concerned, Eyes Right mascara is my go to mascara for quick coverage on days where I am not wearing much makeup. You get good coverage and volume from this mascara, but the best part is the lash loving ingredients which don't cause the mascara to crisp up and cause your lashes to break and in fact boost your lashes growth make this a perfect treat for my eyes.
I recently picked up the Liquid Liner in Control. After reading the Sunday Girl's review here I new I needed to get my hands on it, and boy am I glad I did. As you well know I normally sport black cat liner, but for the days I don't feel like that, I reach for this. It adds a little hint of colour to the eye without being too in your face. The brush is super fine and means that you can get a precise line in a few seconds.
One of my American haul products was the Cream Eyeshadow in Happiness which is so pigmented it can be worn alone and give a very glamorous look but can be used as a base for other shadows to create a more dramatic look. It lasts very well, I first tested this in the 33c degree heat of a very humid Florida and it didn't budge.

Finally, what is a makeup bag without red lipstick? I have two gorgeous shades from the Lush collection, the first in my collection was Ambition which is a blue-toned, power red. You don't wear this shade if you want to fade into the sidelines, you get noticed with this on. Second was another product that I picked up stateside and that is the shade Decisive this is quite a bit darker but looks very glamorous on. Both of these lipsticks are in liquid form and they are extremely pigmented, I have found that applying once, blotting and then applying again makes them stay all day long without needing topped up. Even eating, drinking, talking (as I do all day!) they stay put until you take them off.

Have you tried any Lush makeup? What is your favourite?

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