Sunday, 11 May 2014

Best Makeup Brushes

Brushes make your makeup work harder. You can spend hundreds upon hundreds of pounds on designer, all singing and all dancing makeup products, but it you apply it with poor makeup brushes it certainly won't look that way once you have finished.

I have quite a collection of makeup brushes. I grudge throwing any that are in good condition away as 'you never know when I might need it...' but there are a few which I find myself using everyday and find myself lost without if I have forgotten to take them away with me.

Going from left to right across the above picture we start off with Real Techniques Blush Brush 1407 (£9.99) which, as far as I know is the best blush brush. Ever. It is so ridiculously soft (no risk of scratchiness on your cheeks) and it follows the shape of your cheekbones perfectly. It creates a natural flush without that racing-stripe that you can end up sporting with a smaller brush. Not the best of looks.

Next, we have the Real Techniques Multi-Tasking Brush (From Sam's Picks Brush Set) (£29.99 for set) which I use for powder. It is fluffy yet still has a slight density to it making targeting areas which need a little more powder a lot easier. Again, this is super-soft and feels so lovely on your face.

I love the Real Techniques Blending Eye Brush (From Starter Set) (£21.99 for set). I use it to do a final blend on my eye makeup to help smoke it out a little bit more. Like all the Real Techniques brushes, this is super-soft and is great quality. It really is fab for smoothing out harsh lines and perfecting eyeshadow.

The next two bushes are both from the EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set (£14.99 for set). Firstly we have the 'blend' brush which I use to apply my base colour all across the eye. I love this as the brush it quite big and makes applying your neutralising shade so easy as it only takes a couple of stokes to get it perfect. The other brush from this set that I use almost everyday is the 'crease' brush. As you might expect this is the brush that I pick up to define the crease of my eye, it is perfectly sized and perfectly shaped for the job, and it lays shadow well on the eye.

I received a collection of brushes from e.l.f. as a free gift with purchase before Christmas, which is where the next two brushes come from. Unfortunately they don't seem to have the same collection anymore and seem to have stopped the spoolie brush altogether. I use that to tame my eyebrows and to help blend and brow powder that I might apply. I prefer this to the disposable ones as it doesn't feel as flimsy, but the disposable ones work just as well. The other brush from the collection that I use daily is the Small Precision Brush (£3.95) which is perfect for applying concealer to blemishes as it doesn't cover the surrounding area with product, it hits it spot on (ha!) and makes the blemish blend (almost) seamlessly.

For applying my base product I always reach for the Real Techniques Buffing Brush from the Core Collection (£21.99 for set). This makes quick work of buffing foundation on to the skin and leaves such a natural finish from any liquid base product. Up until getting this I always use my fingers to apply foundation as I never found a brush that gave a finish that I liked. I now feel lost without this one, it is fab.

Last up I have the EcoTools Bamboo Domed Bronzer Brush (£9.99) which I use for applying my brightening face powder over the top of my makeup. Whether it be the Bourjois Java Rice Powder or a bareMinerals all over face colour that I use to give my complexion a boost, I always apply it with this brush. In truth it is probably to stiff to use for that purpose, bit I love the buffed finish that it gives and have never had any issues so it is my 'go-to' tool for that.

Do you use any of these brushes? Which are your 'go-to' tools everyday?


  1. I use the Real Technique brushes (i have a review of them on my blog!) I haven't tried EcoTool brushes before but I'd love to give them a go! I came from the #bbloggers blog hop and I love your blog, I'm definitely following!

    If you could check out my blog and give me some advice, that'd be brilliant!
    Danielle | theperksofprettythings

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