Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Top Buys From Boots Seventeen

I love a bargain and Boots Seventeen always manages to provide that feeling of a great buy. These 11 products up here are my top buys from the line and I feel myself reaching for them on a daily basis.

The 3 primers which I have listed and photographed are all exceptionally different from each other. I feel that the Stay Time Primer is the best as it seriously hold your makeup in place and doesn't make applying your foundation that difficult (like Benefit Stay Don't Stray can do). The Flawless Poreless Primer is also great, I use it across my nose where most of my enlarged pores are and it definitely does reduce the look of them. Skin Wow Primer is a difficult one, I don't ever use it as a primer as it is too shimmery and looks terrible. As a highlighter, however it is beautiful, it blends nicely with blusher. 

Both the Stay Time Foundation and the CC Cream are excellent. Stay Time lasts all day long, doesn't fade, crease or go patchy - I make it last even longer by teaming it with the primer in the Stay Time range. With regards to the CC Cream it lasts well through the day and gives a great matte finish which looks very natural. I was slightly worried by the shade as it looked quite dark when I swatched it but when applied using a buffing brush it looks great. As for the Stay Time Pressed Powder it works at setting foundation well and doesn't give off a strong colour (not much of a colour at all!) so it doesn't change the shade of your foundation. 

I will never get tired of talking about Phwoarr Paint I love, love, love this concealer. It works wonders on my dark circles and stays put without creasing or causing my eye makeup to smudge. It is just the best under eye concealer I have come by. As for the Stay Time Concealer it is fab for hiding redness and, you guessed it, staying put. 

The Lip Crayons are great. They give good colour pay-off and stay glossy and the colour lasts pretty well compared with other brands versions (Avon, MUA, I'm looking at you here). The colours that I have are pretty good too, I really like Bold it's a great summery bright red-orange shade. 

I feel that I have left the best to last. The Semi-Permanent Tattoo Me Liquid Eyeliner is exceptional. The brush is super-fine allowing for perfect flicks and the products itself is incredible. It does not budge until you take eye makeup remover to it. The colour doesn't fade, it won't smudge or run. This is the real deal for all you vintage loving girls like me who want their 50s cat-eye flicks to stay put all day. For £4.99 this is an absolute must have. 

I always find myself looking at the Seventeen stand whenever I am in Boots looking to find another product which will become a staple in my makeup bag. They certainly do pull out the stops when it comes to purse-friendly products that actually work. 

Do you have any favourites that I haven't listed here?

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  1. I've always glanced at the Seventeen stand in Boots but never gave it a proper chance but after reading this I know exactly what I will look out for in future so thank you :) x


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