Friday, 25 April 2014

Chanel Dupe

I was flicking through a magazine the other day, when I stopped to look at this advert for a Chanel eyeshadow quad. I was looking and thinking 'I'm sure I have a very similar quad....' 5 minutes of digging later I found this Avon quad in 'Mod Muse'. 

Now, I do not own the Chanel quad (called Venitien and can be purchased here) but I am certain it will be of a much greater quality than the Avon one. However, the Avon quad is currently priced at £5 (£9, full price) and the Chanel quad at £40. That is a ma-hoosive price difference and to be totally honest I'd rather pay £5 and have £35 to spend on other things. Maybe that is just me?  Looking at them both, they seem to be very similar - don't they? 

What are your favourite duped products?

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