Thursday, 10 April 2014


I am always drawn to the Benefit counter when passing though Boots or House of Fraser. I can never just pass by, I need to stop and play with products and look at what is new often leaving with a bag! This has led to quite a collection of Benefit products in my makeup collection, these are the ones which I reach for the most, and have all been re-purchased (with exception to Gimme Brow).

Hello Flawless is a great 'grab and go' product, it does a quick swipe of foundation to hide imperfections and gives a smooth, flawless (funny, that eh?) base. I know that it is expensive for a powder foundation, however this has a creamier consistency which is not at all chalky like the cheaper alternatives. The consistency is the reason I opt to pay more because that is the reason that it creates such a brilliant base.

Coralista is one of the many in the box of powder family. This is my favourite due to the fact that the colour is best suited to my skin-tone. It goes on a little more peachey and that makes my pale skin look more awake than a pink blush. It does have a hint of shimmer through it which I am not usually wild about, but for some reason it doesn't really bother me all that much in this one.

I use Posietint like it is going out of fashion. I use it on my lips everyday underneath whatever colour of lipstick I choose to wear or on my lips on it's own. I will also grab for it if I don't have time to put of a full face of makeup to give my cheeks a quick flush of colour. It goes on nice and delicate and can be built up really easily.

My most recent purchase is Gimme Brow which was an impulse buy. I did watch he launch of this on QVC a few weeks ago and sat wondering just how it worked. Then when passing by in Boots, stopped to have a play and was sold on the spot. This is, dare I say it, idiot proof. You take the wand, sweep it over your brows to tame them and add volume and definition until you are happy with the way that they look. No fancy tricks for application, no skill required. It is so simple and so effective to give natural looking brows. I seriously love this product!

For those times where you want a more defined brow, Brow Zing is what you want. It takes more time than Gimme Brow but it looks a lot more polished which I sometimes prefer (I have used both together, which work brilliantly!). It takes a bit of skill to pair the wax and powder in this kit in order to create an even, clean look. When you have that skill, though it looks fabulous.

Hoola is another in the box of powder family. This one is my favourite product for contouring because it is a matte finish and is not too dark nor is it orange in the slightest. It builds great if you have a bit more colour about you than I do. Its also brilliant for creating a nice sun-kissed glow.

The box of powders have lipglosses which match them. I love the lipgloss in Dandelion it is a natural pink tinted gloss which looks beautiful paired with Posietint. These glosses are not sticky or drying on the lips at all which I love. I'm not a lover of lipgloss, but I really like this one!

What are your Bene-favourites?

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