Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tropical Yankee Candles

January blues? Not quite. Now that the festivities have passed, trees are away and everything is back to reality I was looking for some nice uplifting home fragrances. Cue an imaginary trip to the Caribbean  and for me to try and mentally pack for our trip to Florida which isn't until July. I cannot wait to get away for a couple of weeks but for now, my tropical picks from Yankee Candles will just have to suffice. 

Pineapple Cilantro is an incredibly fresh and fruity scent. You can almost taste a cocktail and feel the sunscreen on your back when you smell this candle, it is very tropical and the combination of pineapple, the citrusy cilantro and the hint of coconut make this such a beautifully lifting scent. 

Waikiki Melon in one word? Yum. It smells like fruity sweeties and makes my mouth water. This is the smell that comes to mind when you imagine Hawaii; the melon is combined with orange which gives it that beautifully sweet scent. Now, where did I put my grass skirt?

This might just be my favourite. Black Coconut is so heady, the cederwood gives this candle more depth than the other two offerings, I don't want to stop inhaling when smelling this candle. It is so relaxing and I can almost hear the waves lapping on the evening sand. 

*Edited; I forgot to mention that I got all of these candles from Very and you can browse their collection of Yankee Candles here*

I know that we are still in winter, however I'm enjoying my imaginary trip to the tropics! Do you have any of these scents? What do you think? 

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