Tuesday, 14 January 2014

e.l.f. Top Picks

I placed my first order with e.l.f. at the beginning of December, which quickly lead to a further two orders. Addicted is not quite the word. Having read copious reviews I carefully selecting the few items that I really wanted to give a go before going a bit nuts with my following orders. There were a few products which I have been slightly disappointed in but this is far outweighed by the number of products I have been very impressed with. 

So here are my favourite goodies. 
We have the Studio Tone Correcting Powder in Cool (£3.75) which is great for the mornings where I think my face looks a little red and could do with some evening out. This powder is very soft and easy to apply, and it does not make you look cakey when you apply it on top of your foundation - quite a good weapon to have in your kit if you ask me. 
Then we move on to the Baked Eyeshadow Palette in NYC (£10.00) which is a fabulous palette with 10 easy to wear colours which all apply and blend beautifully. They have a slight shimmer to them but it is nothing over the top, the thing which I like the most is how sturdy and high quality the palette itself feels, I definitely plan on getting another few of these palettes with my next order - I'm liking the look of Seattle and Texas at the moment!
Staying with eye products we have the Studio Eye Transformer (£3.75) which is a great little idea. These pastel looking colours apply with a very sheer veil which you can wear alone (the peachy colour is beautiful on a 'no-makeup, makeup day') or you can layer on top of other eyeshadow to tint them and give a slight shimmer. This is such a good idea and I really love it, this one will definitely be coming on holiday with me along with another palette because there are so many combinations! 
Liquid blush is something which I can be funny with, however combined with a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, HD Blush in Superstar (£3.75) blends beautifully and provides an even, natural colour to my pale complexion. It has a lovely texture and feels very creamy on the skin. This blush also stays put for the whole day which is a great plus point for me.
Next we come to the Maximum Coverage Concealer in Porcelain (£3.75) - this product is AMAZING. Blemishes - where? Dark circles - what are you talking about? Redness - I don't see anything. This covers anything I have thrown at it, maximum coverage it is. It is not overly thick and has the consistency of a maximum coverage foundation which makes it easy to apply and blend, I will always keep this in my kit now, top marks from me!
Another superstar product is Studio Makeup Mist and Set (£3.75), I have used Urban Decay's offering at £19.50 in the past and had moved on to MUAs alternative which is priced at £5 the only problem with MUA is that you could sometimes over apply and look very shiny. Shininess is not an issue with this one, you can apply plenty to ensure that your makeup is staying put and then use it throughout the day to revive your look.  
Another blush in the form of Studio Blush in Candid Coral (£3.75) which I think will get more use in the summertime (because of the shade) however it has a very silky smooth texture and applies very well, blending and providing good pigmentation. Also you get quite a lot of product in this compact compared with some other budget brand's contenders (MUA for example). I'm planning on adding a few other shades to my ever-growing collection with my next order!
I normally make my own lip exfoliator with honey and brown sugar - I do not plan on doing it again any time soon. Studio Lip Exfoliator (£3.75) is incredible. No mess, effective exfoliation, portable and it will last me for ages, I've used it almost every day since it arrived and there is hardly a dent in it! Oh, and it helps curb my cravings for chocolate, it smells (and tastes) great!
Lastly, we come to the Studio Mineral Infused Primer in Clear (£6.00) which I mentioned in my Prime Time post the other day. This is such a great primer for smoothing and brightening your skin before applying your makeup, it works well in covering up pores and makes applying the rest of you makeup a breeze. 

Have you ever tried any e.l.f. products? What is your favourite? I know that when I am in the states I'll be hitting Target and filling up a basket or two with things to bring home!


  1. I really want to try the concealor, but I'm not sure I can justify an order for just one thing! How did you find the shade of the concealor (I'm very pale!)?


  2. I'm very pale too and the porcelain suits me well so I'd maybe give that one a go? It looks quite yellow when it comes out of the tube which scared me a little at first but it blends very nicely into the skin and doesn't leave a yellow tide mark! There so many other bits that are great to so you could always order a few other treats for yourself! They are a great budget brand and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with them :) x


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