Saturday, 21 September 2013

Recent Empties

This pair are two of my hero products when it comes to skin care. I always have an extra kicking around in case I run out.

Up first is Superdrug's own brand Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream priced at £2.99 it is easy on those purse strings and it is a great product for the money. It gives great moisture to the skin and gives lasting hydration as well as an SPF of 15 (I tend to look for a minimum of SPF 25 in moisturisers but I let this one away with it and put a sunblock over the top of it - oh to be pale!). It is a great bargain product and always settles nicely into the skin providing a good base for make up. I change my moisturiser quite often as I can never find one that I am 100% happy with but I come back to this quite often and can trust that it won't cause breakouts. 

Second is another bargain product, Boots Traditional Skin Care Glycerin and Rosewater Toner at £2.32. No matter what you use to wash your face before hand this always gets a little bit more dirt and grime out of you skin. Always. Thanks to the glycerin in this, it is very mosturising and if I am having a bad time with my skin and don't really want to put a moisturiser on in case it flares up blemishes then using this provides just enough moisture to stop your skin from drying out but it doesn't block the skin and cause breakouts. This is something which I can never see myself being without. Ever.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think of them?

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