Monday, 26 August 2013

Quick and Easy 1940s Style Hair

Hello again! Today I am sharing with you how I quickly do my hair in an easy 1940s style. This style works great for day to day wear, which is what I use it for and it stays put all day in work no matter how much I am running around. In the tutorial I have dressed it up a bit with a flower but you could even incorporate victory rolls into it too - it would look amazing with them!

Let's get started! As you can see I have long and naturally straight hair. I haven't had any rollers or pin curls in for about a week now as I have been working loads over the last couple of weeks and I always wear my hair up for work - I never want to wear my hair up when I have freshly curled hair!
This style works if - like me - you haven't curled your hair and want a pretty vintage style. Although, it works even better on an old curl set - so the second or even third day depending on how long yours last as it gives the hair more grip and it works amazingly!

Start by pulling your hair into a low pony tail, keep it loose though!
Remember in the 90s when everyone wore topsy turvy poytails? We're almost doing that! split your hair above the hair tie and then fold your hair neatly into the gap - just don't push it straight through!
Add lots and lots of kirby grips (or bobby pins depending on where you are reading this from!). You want to pin the hair in that roll, so keep one hand holding it in position and use your free hand to insert the pins.    
You should know yourself when it is secure enough - I use about 10 pins to get it secure enough to let it go and move on to the front. You can also leave this as messy or neaten it as much as you like - I prefer it a little messier which works better on curled hair!

Ok! So you'll be left with a weird mushroom-y shape at the front after that so put a finger on the side and push it towards the back to smooth it - keep your eye on the mirror when doing this and just pin it down when you are happy with how it looks! You can see the difference in each side o my hair after pinning one side down! So when you are happy with the shape/volume repeat on the other side!

As you can see I think to leave a small amount volume around my face (as opposed to the hair being very tight against my scalp) with this style but it is completely up to you! That is where I normally leave it for heading to work but you can dress it up with a pretty hair flower if you wish! If you want to try it with some victory rolls then I would do those first and then do the rest of the style you wouldn't then have to do the steps for the front of your hair as it would already be styled!

I like to mess about with different techniques and styles when I have time doing this to test out what works and what I think suits me. Through practice I can now style my hair like this in less than five minutes! The first time you try it it might take longer, but persevere - you'll get it eventually!

Let me know what you think! Have you tried this out or do you use a different day to day up do? 

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