Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MUA Cosmetics

Hello my lovely!

Today's post is about MUA cosmetics - if you haven't come across this brand yet then they are definitely worth a wee look! Available in Superdrug and online this brand may not be the highest of quality but when you consider the small price tags, there is nothing to complain about! 

So this is my little collection from MUA! I'll show you some up close pictures and swatches of my favourites!

Mosaic Blush - £2.50         Single Blush - £1

The single blusher in Bon Bon is beautiful, a slightly darker dusky-rose colour which is beautiful and I will probably wear this a lot though the darker Autumn months! It is also very smooth in application and doesn't do that weird patchy thing that cheap blushers tend to do - if you know what I am on about? I was slightly disappointed in the Mosaic Blush as I was expecting it to be, well, a blush and as you can see from the swatch, it isn't really. However I use it as a powder highlighter and it blends so wonderfully into whatever blush is under it so it was a bitter-sweet situation, I didn't get the blush I thought but a fabulous highlighter!

Single eye shadows - £1 each

After reading about how amazing MUA eye palettes are I wanted to try out some of their eyes shadows. (I did want one of the nude palettes however considering I have Urban Decay's Naked and theBalm's Nude'tude it would have been very stupid of me to buy yet another nude palette) So, I chose a pearlescent white (shade 2) which is great for highlighting the brow bone, a matte brown (shade 19) which I use in the crease of my lid to define my eyes a little more, a matte sand-like colour (shade 17) which I use as a base for near enough any eye make-up look and a matte black (shade 20) which I like to use with an angled brush to set my gel eyeliner. 
I was not disappointed with these eye shadows in the slightest. They go on so smoothly and are very pigmented, considering that they are £1 each, I am mega-impressed. My Urban Decay palette is almost at deaths door now and I can honestly say that rather than heading into Debenhams and paying £36 for a new one, I will be heading straight to Superdrug and paying £4 for their dupe. Saving me £32!

 Lipsticks - £1 each

For the price of £1 I thought that I would pick up one of these lipsticks to try (I think i was shade 13 that I bought first). Like the eye shadows, these are packed with pigmentation and don't look overly glossy when on the lips. They also leave lips feeling very moisturised when wearing them. The only thing that I cannot give an honest opinion on is the staying power of these lipsticks as I always wear a No7 lip lacquer underneath whichever shade I am wearing because I  despise topping up my make-up through the day. I can say that from 12pm through to 12am on the hottest day of the year at a wedding a few weeks ago shade 13 on top of a lacquer lasted me until I got home after having a cocktail or two and a three course meal, so it must be alright!

Eye primer - £2.50   Fixing Mist - £5   Conceal and Brighten Kit - £3.50   Powder - £1

I gave the eye primer a go out of curiosity, again I have used primer potion from UD for a while now and after trying MUA's offering? I won't be purchasing the £15 counter part again. It does the exact same job and is £12.50 cheaper. Need I say more? I have already spoken of my love for this fixing mist and this is anther product which again knocks UD out of the park completely. UD's product is £19.50 compared to £5 and for me MUA's product works so much better at keeping my face where it should be!

Moving on to the face products now, I picked up the Conceal and Brighten Kit on a whim really, I'm always trying new concealers for under my eyes (the joys of being pale and having dark circles!) so I thought that this was worth a shot. I now fluctuate between this and my Dirty Works concealer as this is less oily sometimes my skin works better with one or the other. Having the two shades of concealer is another bonus as you can use the orange based one for dark circles and the yellow based one for spots or redness. I'm not all that bothered with the highligher in this palette - I could take it or leave it really. Highlighter aside, this is a little gem for any 'oh, no!' moments in the morning. The powder was another 'out of curiosity' purchase, I use it to set concealer when I am going without make up and it works brilliantly for that, the colour is good and it goes on well too!

Every Lash Mascara - £3

This was my only let down product. I found it to be too difficult to get off my lashes (which I believe is a common complaint about this product) it undoubtedly gives your lashes a great shape and volume but I ended up with sore eyes after holding eye make-up remover soaked cotton pads over my eyes to try and remove it. 

I also have a white eye liner and red lip liner by MUA which are £1 each and are also fabulous!

Have you tried MUA products yet? Is there anything of theirs that I don't have that I should pick up the next time I am in Superdrug? I'd love to hear!

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