Friday, 9 August 2013

Charity Shop Raid

As I told you last week that I was planning a charity shop raid this week, here are my finds!

These shorts are a bit loud, but I quite like them - they sit lovely just on the waist so I think I'm going to sew a couple of crop tops to go with them and stick them away for going away next summer! Plus they were only £2.99 from the Salvation Army!

Up next is possibly my favourite, this sweet little top came from Capability Scotland and for £2.50 I couldn't refuse, I wasn't intending on getting anything when I bought this but I saw it in the window and it had my name written all over it!

This is a sweet little floral skirt which set me back £3.50 in Cancer Research, it looks really pretty with a plain white t shirt and is lovely and lightweight!

I'm in love with the pattern on this blouse! I'm thinking that I'll probably wear it open with a camisole under it with a pair of high waisted jeans for a day to day look. This is a lovely quality item and was very pleased that it was only £3.99, again from Salvation Army.

I have been looking for a bag like this for a long time! I really wanted one to go with my outfit for a wedding that I was at 3 weeks ago, of course I found it too late for the wedding. However, when I clocked it in the British Heart Foundation shop I snapped it up straight away, for a bargain price of £3.99!

I ended up rearranging my living room yesterday, and once I was finished was annoyed by a rather bare-looking part of out wall, so this morning before going out for the afternoon I ran to the Cancer Research shop to see if I could find a large picture to hang in the empty space. This Monet print set me back £8.50 but it is a lovely big frame and fills the space beautifully. Plus, it is an Impressionist painting and those tend to be my favourites!

Last but by no means least is this beauty found in the British Heart Foundation shop for £5.99, I love the colour and the leather is so soft - I don't think that the lovely lady who owned it before me used it more than twice! It is in amazing condition!

Unfortunately everything which I bought is staying as it is (for now anyway!) so there won't be any refashions from this lot. Maybe next time though, I do have quite a stash going so I'll hopefully get some of that done soon! 

Until next time!

Emily x

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