Monday, 19 September 2016

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Do you ever take off a bold lipstick because your lips look too dry with it on? Do you love a matte lipstick and then suffer at bedtime with peeling, sore, cracked lips? I think I have a solution for you.

Good old Lush sugar scrubs. They have a plethora of lip scrubs in various sweetie shop/ice cream parlour flavours. My hands down favourite is Mint Julips. Once I have removed my make up, I scoop out a pea sized amount of this scrub and get to work on that dry skin. It gently buffs off the dead skin and when you rinse (I prefer to remove it with a flannel) it leaves your lips extremely soft. 

Have I mentioned how good these smell (and taste)? As I said, Mint Julips is my chosen favourite - it tastes of mint choc chip ice cream. Delicious. In a weird way I like that it is minty because it then doesn't compete with my minty toothpaste at bedtime. Weird? Yeah, I thought so. 

Admittedly at £5.50 a pot for what is essentially a sugar scrub is a bit excessive. However, it means that you don't make a mess in your kitchen with sugar and honey. If you're like me then you get the measurements wrong and end up dissolving the sugar in too much honey when you try to be clever and make some extra to store.

If you are a lover of a bold lip, then I think that these pots are well worth the £5.50, particularly as we approach autumn and our skin starts to take beating from the elements. 

Have you tried Lush lip scrubs before? Which flavour do you like?

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