Monday, 18 May 2015

UV Plus #showusyourclarins

Did you know I love SPF? No? Read this. Now that you're up to speed with my OCD on sun protection, allow me to introduce you to my best skincare friend - Clarins UV Plus SPF50.

This is designed to wear over the top of your own moisturiser and it provides a veil of protection from the suns harmful rays as well as pollution and those nasty external aggressors that cause premature and accelerated aging making it perfect for everyday use.   

What is more, this is an oil-free formula which feels like velvet on the skin and so provides an amazing makeup base. You do not feel as though you have another layer of product on, so if you are concerned about feeling caked in layers you needn't worry.

I love that this is suitable for everyday living, not for sunbathing. Other SPF50 products are heavier and are supposed to be used as an intensive method of protection for large periods of sun exposure. The heavier texture can wreak havoc with your skin which is why for daily use in places like Glasgow where the sun doesn't quite split the sky and 20 degrees is considered a heatwave, a lot of people avoid SPF. One or two bad experiences can put you off something for good. I promise you, this product is so light and so fresh on your skin you won't even notice that you have that added protection so if SPF is something you avoid, please give it a go!

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