Monday, 23 February 2015


I've been a little quiet as of late. I apologise, but I am making a point to get more organised with my blog and post regularly again. Of course while I have been quiet I haven't stopped using (and buying) beauty products. I have a few new favourites which I cannot wait to share with you over the coming weeks, there are some real stand out products to come! For today, however, I have a few recent empties to share with you!

I have mentioned Gatineau Aquamemory Concentrate on the blog before. It was a brilliant hydrating treat for the skin and I did really enjoy using it under my daytime moisturisers. However, I wasn't left wanting to repurchase. Perhaps because I have found other hydrating serums which had similar benefits and felt nicer on the skin? I'm not entirely sure, the product was lovely but I can't see me buying it again. 

Second up is a product which I initially discovered back in September and oh my goodness do I love it. Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel genuinely makes me look forward to washing my face. I'm not kidding - I am that sad. You massage this onto dry skin, as you are doing this the consistency changes from gel to oil which removes all traces of makeup and dirt (I do use this to remove my eye makeup - don't do this if you have particularly sensitive eyes though!) by this point my shower has heat up and I then rinse my face and the product then changes again,. this time to a milk and removes everything from the face and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. Pretty clever, eh? Not only is this product great at it's job, but as with all Clarins products it is plant extracts which are the active ingredients, so there are no hidden nasties in there either. 

Even though I use Pure Melt to remove my eye makeup if I have very heavy makeup on, I will use an eye makeup remover first. In this case it was another Clarins offering in the form of Instant Eye Makeup Remover  which was good, it did it's job with minimal effort so no tugging around the fragile area. I am currently working my way through another bottle of this at the moment as I had another in my stash. I have to say it is more effective than the cheaper branded ones that I have used in the past, even though £18 is steep for an eye makeup remover you can always get it on some kind of deal to get more for your hard earned pennies. 

Have you used any of these products? What have you recently used up?

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