Sunday, 25 May 2014

Brand Focus - W7*

W7 are one of hose great budget brands. I normally find myself adding bits into my basket on Fragrance Direct. After getting my hands on a few new products from the brand I thought I'd do a little brand focus post! I have struggled to find some of these online, but I buy from Fragrance Direct. Once I get specific links I will update this post.
**Updated - After visiting Watt Brothers in Glasgow I can say that all of the above products were available in there!**

I'll start off with the lip products. The Full Time Lip Colour is a dual ended product. A stain on one side, and a clear gloss on the other (most brands have a version of this type of product) these do have very good staying power. The stain dries quickly which means that there is no hanging about or it to set before adding the gloss (which I don't do anyway as I prefer a matte finish!). I have this in two different shades, I absolutely love Passinate (a bright pink) as it is so summery and bright, it has a slight blue tinge to it which makes it brilliant for making my teeth look very white! The more nude shade (Soft Touch) is a little pale for me, but I tried it with a darker gloss over the top to darken it slightly and it did look beautiful. I just find it difficult when  I don't have super bright shade on my lips!

The Zoom mascara is also a fab product. It gives my lashes a really good lift and curl. It isn't the most volumising mascara I have ever tried, but it is certainly not the least either.  For days where you are wearing light eye makeup this would be perfect. It gives good curl lift and coverage without looking like your lashes are too heavy compared with the rest of your makeup.

For all I am pale as pale can be and like it that way, I actually love The Bronzer. This is a matte finish bronzer which works absolute wonders for contouring. Team this with your favourite contouring brush and you are laughing. It is difficult to over-do it with this product as it blends well into the rest of your makeup. Very good, indeed.

My favourite is the Aye Aye Captain liquid liner. I wasn't 100% at first as rather than being a thin brush, the applicator for this is a fine sponge-like nib which took me a little getting used to before I could get the finish I like. Once I got the hang of it it was brilliant. This is a very black liner which stays put and doesn't flake off or fade during the day.

Have you tried W7? What is your favourite W7 product?

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