Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Best Budget Foundation

Most beauty lovers are always on a quest to find the best foundation for their skin. I don't think that I will ever find the perfect one, because my skin needs different help on different days and I know that is a tremendous ask of a foundation. That aside, these guys are my favourite budget buys when it comes to foundation.

Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage (Ivory) - At £12 this is at the top end of the 'budget' spectum, however it is often on offer and you can normally get it around the £7 mark. This foundation is very light, and once applied doesn't feel as though you have foundation on. It works well at disguising any redness or imperfections on the skin, which I love. Mixed with your favourite liquid highlighter (see my thoughts on the one from Seventeen here) to give a bit more dimension and luminosity, this could be a front runner for you.

Rimmel Wake Me Up (Ivory) - You can pick this up for £8.99 in Boots or Superdrug, I like to hold off until there is a 3 for 2 offer to help fuel my cosmetic addiction. This is great because it has that luminosity which the Avon foundation is missing. It is also exceptionally light in texture and doesn't feel, nor look, cakey when applied which can be a common complaint of mine when it comes to budget foundation. I only wear this when my skin is in great shape, though. It isn't the best for covering blemishes and redness, but is great for giving skin that extra oomph of looking well rested.

Seventeen CC Cream (Fair) - I have already mentioned this gem here. You cannot scoff at the £6.99 price tag for something which is going to give you what can only be described as awesome coverage. I have never reached for concealer after applying this over aggravated skin. I apply with a buffing brush to avoid looking cakey (which can happen with this if you're not careful). This is my go-to tube when I need that extra coverage. No questions asked.

Bourjois Healthy Mix (Light Vanilla) -A bit of a cult budget buy in the beauty world. At £9.99 this is a great foundation or giving a great radiance as well as coverage. I find the finish similar to the Rimmel foundation, however with a higher coverage. I'll opt for this if I have a touch of redness and require a boost to my complexion. It is packed with skin-loving ingredients to hydrate the skin whilst you have it on. Plus, this smells amazing!

MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation (Porcelain) - The lowest priced foundation on this shortlist is priced at a minuscule £5 (although on offer for an even more minuscule £3 right now!). This is very similar to the Rimmel foundation, it is a sheer coverage foundation which gives a 'your skin, but better' effect. It gives great luminosity and radiance while still giving some coverage to hide any blemishes. You will probably need the added help of a concealer if you have any blemishes to help cover them up. That being said this is a great buy for £5!

What is your best budget buy foundation?


  1. Love the Bourjois Healthy Mix and will have to give some of the others you've mentioned a try now!
    Rebecca, from The Two Twenty-Somethings

    1. Healthy Mix is a beautiful foundation! I know so many who swear by it!

  2. I love Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation because it has amazing coverage but I also love Wake Me Up! (I love Rimmel in general though) xx

    1. I really liked Stay Matte! It was one of the few I actually used up completely!


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