Saturday, 5 October 2013

K-pop Cosmetics - The Verdict.

You may remember a couple of months ago I blogged about my K-pop Cosmetic Haul and gave you a quick look at what I had ordered for myself. There are a couple of products which I would repurchase - but on the whole I was disappointed in these products. I won't talk about them all - just which ones stood out for reasons good or bad.

This was my haul which I showed you back in August. 

I'll talk about TONYMOLY Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream to start us off. First impressions were that this smells divine.  I thought it was more of a grapefruit-like scent personally, but it smells very uplifting and refreshing all the same. It is quite a thin cream which sinks into the hands very quickly which is good as you don't have to deal with slippy hands trying to go about your day but it didn't offer me much in moisture. My hands are normally very dry as my job requires me to burst open copious amounts of cardboard boxes which really does knock lumps out of your hands. This cream didn't really help my dry hands which, as a hand cream, I was expecting. On the whole, this was a (dry) thumbs down which is very disappointing as it is a very cute container and it does smell glorious. 

I was expecting big things from this Etude House It's Real Face Pack Kit as I had tried a few K-pop face masks before but this set of 3 was rubbish, all of them left my face feeling tight and stripped of moisture - even the moisturising one. They didn't smell that great, and there was barely enough for one application in each. I'd rather hit Superdrug and get their sachets of face masks, they smell better and do a far better job!

Holika Holika Pig-Nose Blackhead 3 Step Kit - this one I can't quite decide on - but then it is important to note that I haven't found any blackhead strips which actually remove all blackheads. They always grab a few and then leave loads behind. This one is great purely for the pampering aspect. You place strip 1 over your nose to open the pores and prepare the skin, then onto strip 2 which grabs a hold of your blackheads and removes them and then number 3 closes the pores. This makes your skin feel very clean and refreshed which is good, I would buy this again as it is a good thing to use for a pamper session.

I'll finish off with three quick yes or no answers to each of these products and why.
TONYMOLY Panda's Dream Goodbye Dark-Eye Corrector - No because it did absolutely nothing to my dark circles and wasn't the most moisturising of eyecreams.
TONYMOLY Backstage Eyeliner in No.1 Black  - Yes, this is very creamy and easy to apply, it last very well and I love the brush being incorporated in the packaging. BUT it isn't a better formula than Maybelline's gel liner so why order it for it to take 4 or 5 weeks to get here when you can go to Boots today?
TONYMOLY Cat's Wink Shiny Skin Base- Peach  - No - it didn't really do anything, it didn't increase longevity nor did it improve my skin before foundation. Pointless in my books.

As for the rest, they were alright, noting special and nothing terrible but I can buy something which does the same job, if not better over here without much price difference so I'll just get it here rather than wait for it to come from Korea. 

There we go! A disappointing haul for me but hopefully it will save you some disappointment! Have you tried any of these? Did you think something different to me?

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