Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Latest Additions to My Beauty Stash

I have had some new additions to my beauty and cosmetic stash recently (sorry, bank balance). Some I am completely taken with and don't have a clue how I survived without (well, not quite but you know what I mean!) and others I'm still needing convincing as to whether they really work. I'm going to review five products for you today, these are Soap and Glory's Beauty Sleep Accelerator, Bourjois' Blush Exclusif, Dirty Works' Banish the Bags Eye Cream and two new concealers from Seventeen Miracle Matte Concealer Crayon and Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer.
I have also recently purchased and fully reviewed the new Bourjois Java Rice Powder which is a definite favourite.

Soap and Glory's new night cream Beauty Sleep Accelerator is a part of the rebranding and regrouping of Soap and Glory's skincare range. I'm a little disappointed with the overhaul that S&G's skincare range had undergone as I feel that it has lost it's charm in a sense. Yes, all the products are uniform in their packaging and they all look neat on the shelf....but I liked the old ones better. 
I purchased this when I was fully intending on buying Night in Shining Armour which was undoubtedly the best night cream. Ever. As it happens Night in Shining Armour is no longer available and has been reformulated with Wish Upon a Jar to make it 'even better' apparently. (I will investigate - I promise)
Anyway, Beauty Sleep Accelerator it is for the moment. It has a beautiful scent, you can really smell the peach in it and this makes it a beautiful follow up to Peaches and Clean. It is a very light moisturiser and is not anywhere near and heavy or thick as Night in Shining Armour but it still gives great moisture to the skin. It is very soothing and cooling when you apply it and it really smooths the skin well. 
All it all this is a very nice night moisturiser, just not as good as Night in Shining Armour.

Bourjois have been launching a lot of new products recently, and I have really loved all of the ones which I have tried. All apart from Blush Exclusif, I feel that this is purely a gimmick. It is supposed to adjust to your skins pH to give you a unique shade. So far, everyone that I have seen has had the same bubblegum pink with violet undertones. Aside from this there is next to no staying power on this blush, I felt it has disappeared from my face within an hour of application. I'll stick to my Little Round Pots. 

I love products from Dirty Works. I know that they are a rip off of Soap and Glory in the style and quirky tag lines on the products, but the products themselves are actually great too. This eye cream is very nice, it cools the eyes and I have been using it morning and night and have had next to no puffiness (aside from when I rub my eyes too much, but that is my own fault). It is very hydrating and I think it works fabulously!

I bought this Miracle Matte Concealer Crayon by Seventeen to see how it fared against the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Stick which I have been using for pin pointing spots and hiding them for the last couple of years. Obviously this is a budget version of at £4.49 compared to £12 but it is almost a duplicate product. Between the shades I own of each to the consistency and the longevity. Honestly, Seventeen's offering is a much better buy, it saves you money and works exactly the same - which is very well. It hides redness and is great for troubleshooting spots.

This is my new baby. Honestly. Phwoarr Paint which is another new addition to Seventeen's range is an absolute god-send. If you are like me, then you'll have issues with dark circles for no reason other than the fact that you are so pale.  I have tried every under-eye concealer that I can get my hands on and so far the best that I could ever get was Benefit's Boi-ing but I became annoyed by the oiliness of the product and after my last pot ran out, I never repurchased. Phwoarr Paint is like Boi-ing but with less oil and possibly more colour-corrector. Less of the bad stuff, and more of the good stuff basically. It has amazing longevity and when set with the new Bourjois powder it lasts all day. The best product I have ever bought from Seventeen, hands down. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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